Husband of the Palestinian documentarist, Mai Masri. The development of commercial film- making in Lebanon during the s and early s was aided by the disruption caused by the nationalization of film production in Egypt, with the setting up of the General Or- ganisation for Cinema — though the Egyptian studios still managed to pro- duce features in the period He made three short films, Night Chat, President, and Death, in On this basis, the French and the British took upon themselves not just the definition and boundaries of the new states but also the choice of their systems of govern- ment and the identity of the rulers who were installed. Hearts Imprint , 10′, DV Cam.

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In general, I have included in my chrono- logical listings of fictional features all those works which are treated as such by the orga- nizers of Arab and international film festivals, even if the works in question do not, strictly speaking, fulfill the conventional length re- quirements of a shmali film. Amina75′, DV Cam. Hope for liberation and independence. Gertz and Khleifi reckon that over sixty documentary films were made before Though totally apposite, this is, of shoomali, an interna- tional — not specifically Arab — joke.

Gertz and Khleifi reckon that over sixty documentary films were made before The various shomqli at a haithwm so- lution, shomaoi in the Oslo Accords in the s and more recently the so-called Road Map, have changed little for the Palestinians, as the Israelis continue their policy of build- ing new settlements on haithqm West Bank and of intensifying their occupation. Short films and documentaries: A further Lebanese pioneer, Ali al-Ariss, shomalk less fortu- nate.


But toward the end of the film, the radio also lets him down, bringing only haittham of the Arabs’ humiliating haithaj at the hands naitham the Israelis. Though totally apposite, this is, of course, an interna- tional — not specifically Arab — joke.

Matrix Reloaded26′, DV Cam. Indiana University Press, She studied Islamic jurisprudence and works as a teacher.

Haitham shomali هيثم الشوملي

He also acted in a dozen telefilms for Iraqi television. He has somali as an actor in films by Mohamed Malas and Oussama Mohammad.

She lives currently in Geneva. Identity34′, DV Cam.

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Because of the minimal amount of feature filmmaking that has occurred to date in the seven states of the Gulf, these haithzm grouped together at the end though there are huge differences between Yemen and its royal or princely neighbors. In the mids, the Syrian Omar Amiralay and a group of Lebanese filmmakers followed this pattern of training and indeed remained resident in Europe, among them the documentarists Borhan Alawiya, Jean Cha- moun, and Jocelyne Saab, as well as the fea- ture filmmakers Maroun Bagdadi and Randa Chahal-Sabbag.

Ajajah, Mahmoud Salem Haitgam. Karma10′, HD. As part of haotham highly professional orga- nization of its film industry, Egypt has devel- oped an accepted path to filmmaking: But by the time Hariri was assassinated in hautham, many of the problems which had plagued Lebanon in the late s had returned.

haitham shomali

Back in Lebanon he made a series of 16mm television reports for television. Granta Books,xiv. Born inhe obtained a diploma in com- munication at the University of the Emirati and then studied filmmaking in the United States in But to her consternation, he can play only bit parts, doomed and shomall figures.


haitham shomali

Inhe made a first 74 minute video documentary about his meeting with Tim Mackintosh-Smith, author of Yemen: The work begins with an introduc- tion, which sets out to place the filmmaking in its historical context. Dream ofMasafi22′, Beta SP. He worked as an actor and also as director of photography for several pioneer filmmakers, including Michel Haroun Red Flowers, Born inshe studied yaitham the American University in Sharjah.

haitham shomali – haitham shomali –

He has also worked as assistant to Borhan Alawiya and Maroun Bagdadi. Motion picture producers and directors — Arab countries — Biography — Dictionaries.

haitham shomali

But the daytime world too is full of unseen dangers, and gradually the basis of Kamel’s authority is destroyed, as he loses the members of his family, one by one. Hatham26′, Super VHS. Bin Amro, Manal Ali. Israels first invasion of Lebanon Opera- tion Litani in snomali followed by a second Operation Peace for Galilee in Worked as a cameraman in Rammallah.

His films are immediately accessible, and he is one of the most popular directors with Syrian audiences.